About Us


Hi, reader! My name is Sydney Jean and I am the Founder and CEO/President of Rose Randolph Mixes. My goal is to create a responsibly sourced, sustainable and delicious gift that can be shared with family and friends. My journey started in middle school while working for my mother’s bakery in Millbrook, New York. While she sometimes sold cakes, brownies and macarons, her specialty was cookies. Her inspiration for baking stemmed from a dissatisfaction with the preservatives and chemicals found in grocery store deserts. As a first time mother, she was in search of an organic alternative. She was finally able to curate the perfect recipe after years of baking for my brother and I, along with family and friends. When she decided to finally start her own small business, her cookies gained tremendous traction and she was able to accumulate sizable offers. However, the cookies were frequently at risk of breaking in transit and had a short shelf life due to her intentional avoidance of preservatives. These issues prevailed as major roadblocks and she was never able to follow through on her larger deals.  She soon decided to shift her focus back home as work and family life became more demanding. Although this setback was detrimental for my mother’s business, it served as a seed of inspiration for me. I struggled with the idea of letting my mother’s recipes go forever. Her cookies had sparked joy in the lives of strangers for years and I did not want to stop sharing her gift. The summer before eighth grade, I finally decided upon a way to rethink my mother’s cookie business. Instead of selling a baked cookie, I chose to pursue a mix. This re-imagination allowed me to maintain the integrity of the ingredients without using preservatives. 

With my mothers blessing, I created a new LLC in my own name and got to work. I came up with new flavors, my favorite of which was a rose sugar cookie boasting real food grade rose petals. I took product photos, conducted market research, designed labels, created an online marketplace and calculated wholesale and retail prices on my own. By 2021, I was ready to attend my first NY NOW trade show at 16, which gave me the opportunity to put my product on shelves across the country. Although I struggled to navigate the small business world as a young woman, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share an aspect of my life that has given my family joy with other families across the country.